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Accessibility Resources from Sparkbox

05-17-23 Kaitlyn Nielsen

Building a better web means building a web that is accessible for all users—including those with disabilities or those that need to use assistive technology. This list of resources can help you start or dig deeper on your journey to learning about accessibility.

Around 15% of the world population lives with some form of disability. We believe building an accessible web is an integral part of any design or development process and advocating for an accessible web can start with anyone.

Whether you’re just starting on your web accessibility journey or looking to deepen your expertise, here are some resources to help you along the way.

Foundations of Web Accessibility

To create a more accessible web, you first have to understand why a more accessible interface is so important. This means having even a base level of knowledge about principles for an accessible web, the guidelines used commonly to gauge accessibility, and how to talk about disabilities.

Four Foundational Principles for an Accessible Website

Making the web a better, more inclusive place starts with understanding the POUR foundational principles of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Understanding Accessibility: WCAG’s 13 Guidelines

After the POUR principles, understanding the 13 accessibility guidelines of WCAG 2.1 will expand your foundational knowledge. Learn from this guide.

Inclusive Language and Talking about Disabilities

An individual is much more than their disabilities, and how we communicate that is important. Here are some recommendations on how to respectfully interact with people with disabilities.

Accessibility in Content and User Experience

Before you even start building a page, accessibility should be taken into consideration by the content and user experience teams. Focusing on accessibility during the planning and writing stages creates a foundation for the design and development teams to build upon.

Let’s Keep the “Content” in WCAG

Learn some best practices for writing accessible content, using page elements, and adding accessibility to media content.

User-Centered Design vs Human-Centered Design

Learn the difference between “user-centered” and “human-centered” design thinking and how this applies to accessibility.

Accessibility in Design

Visual impairments affect over 2 billion people worldwide. Designing with accessibility in mind means focusing on usability for users with color blindness and low vision while still being mindful of all users.

A Crash Course in Color Contrast

When it comes to helping those with color vision deficiencies or low vision, contrast is very important—and it impacts general readability for everyone!

Designing with Accessible Color Contrast on the Web

Learn more about the importance of accessible color contrast in web design, how to change the color contrast on a Mac, and the steps to designing with good color contrast.

Accessible By Design

Understand the many priorities and tools you can use when creating a visually accessible web for all users.

Accessibility in Development

We all use the web differently, including for users with disabilities. A user with a visual disability might use a screen reader. A user with a physical disability may use voice control software. Developing a web that can be used by these assistive technologies is critical.

How a Robust Accessibility Process Helps Create a ROBUST Experience

Here are six accessibility best practices that web professionals can follow to better serve all users of a web product.

The Dangers of Using WAI-ARIA Incorrectly

Using WAI-ARIA correctly is vitally important for web accessibility. Avoid these common mistakes and learn to use aria-hidden, aria-live, and aria-label.

Reduced Motion Queries

Learn how a “prefers reduced motion” media query searches an end user’s accessibility configuration and introduces unique settings that can reduce motion.

Sparkbox Code Challenge: Accessibility Scavenger Hunt

In this code challenge, you are tasked with finding 10 accessibility issues in this accessibility scavenger hunt. Are you up for the challenge?

Accessibility Tools and Testing

When we are done building our accessible web, it is important to actually test our end products to ensure we have done all we can to make them accessible. There are many tools that can be used as a guide to start testing.

Automated Accessibility Testing Tools Reviews

Every automated accessibility tool has strengths and weaknesses. Check out reviews of popular accessibility tools to help you decide which is right for your project.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Accessibility Testing

Test for web accessibility using a checklist based on WCAG 2.1 success criteria and learn how to effectively deploy your team to tackle the testing.

Accessibility Testing Design Systems

Successfully run automated and manual tests to ensure your design system is easy to use for everyone.

Looking for Accessibility Help?

If you’re looking to explore accessibility on your web property, Sparkbox is here to help. We offer accessibility audits and expertise in making your web project accessible. Just send us an email.

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