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We specialize in the tough to tackle, the stalled out, and the don’t know where to start. We’re problem solvers, partnering with our clients to create transformative web experiences.

UX & Experience Design

Digital products should be driven by the needs of the end user, so we put a lot of effort into getting to the bottom of what those needs are. This allows us to create user interfaces and functionality that exceed expectations and support measurable results.

Strategic Planning

  • Audience definition
  • Requirements gathering
  • Evaluations and audits
  • Data and research analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Roadmapping

User-Focused Solutions

  • Interviews
  • User research and analysis
  • Journey mapping
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Usability testing
  • Application and design system planning

Visual & Interactive Design

  • Concept design
  • UI design
  • Design systems
  • User testing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Animation


Sparkbox was founded by software engineers and has been focused on building a better web for more than 15 years. Our expertise is both broad and deep which allows us to bring creativity and consultative thinking to our clients. Technology is changing constantly, and a big part of our job is continual learning.

Standards-Based Fundamentals

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Modern frontend frameworks (e.g. React, Vue, Angular, React Native)
  • Versatile backends (e.g. Node, Go, PHP)

Flexible Experiences

  • API development
  • Architecture consulting
  • Micro frontends
  • Monorepos (e.g. NX, Lerna)
  • UI tooling (e.g. Bootstrap, Tailwind, Twig, Handlebars)

Safer Automated Shipping

  • Build and deploy pipelines (e.g. Jenkins, CircleCI, Netlify, AWS)
  • Testing suites (e.g. Cypress, Lighthouse, aXe, Jest, Percy, RTL, Linting)

Quality & Growth

Sparkbox builds a culture of quality everywhere we go. Our team of expert designers, developers, and project managers will build your product (and support your team) with an accessible, collaborative, and effective product mindset—no matter what your work includes.

System Builds

  • Custom applications
  • Content management systems (e.g. Contentful, WordPress, Drupal, AEM)
  • Design system tooling (e.g. Storybook, NPM, zeroheight)
  • Design system documentation sites
  • Workflow and cadence design

Team Collaboration

  • Internal team training and workshops
  • Documentation
  • Agile methodologies
  • Product roadmapping

Product Quality

  • Accessibility validation
  • Usability testing
  • Design and code reviews
  • Continual testing and validation

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