Sparkbox UnConferences: A Platform for Learning and Sharing

Back in 2020 when COVID first interrupted our lives, there were suddenly very few opportunities to connect with our communities and share knowledge with each other. So we decided to host our first UnConference. We have since hosted multiple UnConferences each year. These free virtual learning events are made to highlight many different topics within the web industry—especially topics we were exploring and excited to share. Take a look at all the talks given by our team.

Design Systems

A design system touches everything from company culture to technical assets, empowering teams to balance creativity with consistency, efficiency, sustainability, and accessibility. We have spent years interviewing hundreds of teams to give us deep insight into industry trends and opportunities.

User Experience Design

Every web product exists to serve the end users. But how can we do that if we don’t even know what they need or how they use the product? Enter user experience and design. They focus on user-centered thinking to do the research and best serve the needs of each specific project.

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Development and Process

Web development has many different steps and processes: building, testing, iterating, fixing, planning—the list goes on and on. Each step is unique and requires different processes and learning to be able to be successful.

Product and Project Management

Some of the biggest challenges that our partners face aren’t technical, they’re human. It can be easier to write code and test products than it is to motivate people and run an effective team. That’s where project management can shine and help to keep the project on track and manage constraints.

Join Us In Future Learning Events

As we continue these UnConference events, we hope you join us in exploring the many different disciplines and experiences that go into building a web product. You can sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay up to date with upcoming events and recent Foundry articles. If you think Sparkbox can help you or your team, contact us to get the conversation started.