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Sparkbox partners with complex organizations to create user-driven web experiences.

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Harnessing the Power of a Minimum Viable Product

An MVP is a design and development workhorse. From earning stakeholder buy-in and showcasing potential value to providing valuable real-world knowledge and imparting valuable process lessons, it can do a lot.

Gain Knowledge from MVPs

What's It Like to Work with Sparkbox?

We’re often asked what it’s like to work with us. Learn about our three-step process of onboarding clients, iterating to overcome roadblocks, and offboarding clients for ongoing success.

Understand Sparkbox's Process

A Framework for Maturing a Design System

Without stakeholders and subscribers behind it, a design system is bound to die. Learn why education, engagement, and evolution are so important when maturing your design system.

Explore Design System Maturity

Add User-Centered Thinking to Your Organization

From starting with manageable projects to knowing when to bring in a partner, there's a lot to consider when adopting user-centered thinking. Download our free guide on how to start your UX journey.

Read about User-centered thinking

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A portrait of Vice President of Business Development, Katie Jennings.

Katie Jennings

Vice President of Business Development