Sparkbox Code Challenge: Accessibility Scavenger Hunt

06-03-21 Corinne Ling

In this Sparkbox Code Challenge, you are tasked with finding 10 accessibility issues in this accessibility scavenger hunt. Are you up for the challenge?

We have a team that likes to continuously learn. Sparkbox Code Challenges encourage us to stretch ourselves, explore, and learn. We invite you to learn along with us in this code challenge in CodePen.

The Challenge

In this Sparkbox Code Challenge, you are tasked with finding the 10 accessibility issues in this CodePen. In order to find all 10, you will need to do the following:

  • Test the page with VoiceOver on Safari
  • Test the page with your keyboard
  • Inspect the markup of the page (or if you’re not a dev, you can investigate how the content or order of the page could be more accessible and user friendly)
  • Test the contrast of colors used

Check Out the Full Instructions

Watch a full introduction with Sparkboxer Corinne Ling.

Does this challenge sound fun? Share the issues you find and some possible solutions on Twitter. Don’t forget to tag us with @hearsparkbox and use #SparkboxCodeChallenge.

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