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Building in the Open

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  • Rebuilding The Foundry

    Rebuilding The Foundry

    02-25-19 Caralyn Green

    We’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes work on The Foundry. Learn more about the exciting changes coming your way, and follow along as we rebuild in the public.

  • Sassy Grayscale

    Sassy Grayscale

    04-25-17 Catherine Meade

    Catherine shares how harkening back to art school resulted in the perfect solution to an in-house code refactor.

  • Redesigning CodePen

    Redesigning CodePen

    04-13-15 Melissa Taylor

    It's a chance to find new ways to solve problems better. It's a chance to share our process. It's a chance to build a better playground for inspiration, education, and sharing. Sparkbox is redesigning CodePen, and you get to watch us every step of the way.

  • Sparkbox Foundry Design

    Sparkbox Foundry Design

    10-02-13 Jeremy Loyd

    We wanted to kick our site rebuild in the butt. So we decided to go out on a limb, more fully embrace iterative process, and try building the site literally one page at a time. Jeremy talks about our new approach and new design for the Foundry.

  • Our New Build Process

    Our New Build Process

    02-18-13 Adam Simpson Rob Tarr Ethan Muller

    Almost all of our projects have an element of HTML/CSS/JS templating. The pursuit of a better project starting point is never-ending, and we feel we've taken a big step forward during the Sparkbox web rebuild.

  • Planning To Rebuild: Part 2

    Planning To Rebuild: Part 2

    12-11-12 Rob Harr

    A mantra around the Sparkbox office: "wait until the last responsible moment." Rob Harr explains how this applies to the technical direction of our site rebuild.

  • Planning To Rebuild: Part 1

    Planning To Rebuild: Part 1

    11-26-12 Drew Clemens

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. It sounds painfully old-manish, but it's true. Sparkbox's resident old man, Drew Clemens, discusses planning for the Sparkbox web rebuild.

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