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Building Your Own Web Development Co. Site: That Way Lies Madness

01-21-14 Emily Gray

We’re sticking to our new year’s resolution. The new Sparkbox site is finally here!

I want to tell you that it’s simple to build a website as a web development company. I want to tell you that it’s a perfect exercise for your team and a blissful dream to work with yourself as the client. Unfortunately, those are big, stinky lies. Ok, it’s not all bad. It’s true, it can be a lot of fun and a wonderful exercise, but it holds its own problems too—mainly finding time to actually do it.

I joined the Sparkbox team six months ago, when we were already half a year into rebuilding our site. For those skilled at math, we’re running a little more than a year into rebuilding our site now. And I hate to complain too much about it when I reflect on why it hasn’t gotten finished.

What Has Taken So Long?

The truth is, we’ve had a ton of rewarding client projects in that time, which have been big factors in keeping us from “finishing.” We also have this pesky perfectionist complex that makes our team fantastic at our jobs, but (without budget caps and deadlines) we can endlessly tweak and tinker and come up with completely new things and never pull the trigger on our own site.

Wait No More

We’ve worked to build our site in the open from the early stages of taxonomy and branding. We’re continuing with the open nature of the project now by launching it “as is.” There is some refining we’d still love to do, but we’re going to take advantage of the beauty of the web and continue to refine after launch. We have a list of great features coming hot on the heals of this release, and we’d like to invite you to report bugs alongside us.

The new site is here. We’re excited to share it and get your feedback. So start playing and tell us what you think.

And, if you’re looking for a suggestion of something fun to check out, you might enjoy the devices on the homepage or playing with the Contact button on larger views.

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