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Becoming User-Centered Guide

10-25-22 Sparkbox

Want to establish user-centered thinking at your organization? Download this guide to learn strategies for evaluating UX needs, earning buy-in, and hiring help.

At Sparkbox, we are serious about being user-centered. We commit to user-centered thinking at every step of all of our projects—including strategy and development. With our free guide, you’ll learn how to introduce user-centered thinking to your organization in the most efficient way possible. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Detailed explanations of UX roles

  • A worksheet that will help you determine where your organization could use UX support

  • A worksheet that will help you match specific UX skills with your projects

  • A worksheet to help you prioritize UX projects

  • Strategies for earning organizational buy-in

  • Tips for evaluating and selecting UX agencies

  • Materials for hiring UX professionals—including interview questions, sample job postings, and salary information

Get A Free Guide to Becoming User-Centered

Investing in user experience is a solid and proven return on investment. Fill out this form and start evaluating your organization’s UX Needs, earning buy-in from stakeholders, and hiring help!

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