Philip on a Modern Approach to CSS in Shopify Partners

07-31-19 Sparkbox

Philip writes about modern CSS in this two-part series. Part one covers CSS tools and organization methods, and part two covers building resources.

Well-organized CSS architecture helps not only those currently working on writing CSS, but also anyone that comes to work on this code in the future, which could be the future you.

In this two-part series on Shopify Partners, Sparkboxer Philip Zastrow discusses what he has learned about CSS and how he approaches writing and creating CSS today. He then dives into how CSS can be a foundation for building website resources, such as design systems.

Part one covers CSS tools like Sass. Philip also showcases many organization methods in CSS writing, such as naming methods, file organization, and CSS namespacing.

A Modern Approach to CSS Pt. 1: Tools and Organization

Part two covers how to use CSS to create resources for websites. This article takes a dive into using CSS to build systems and using the CSS spec to bridge the gap between design and development.

A Modern Approach to CSS Pt. 2: Building Resources

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