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We Challenge You to Write CSS This Year!

02-01-24 Sparkbox

It’s a new year and a new CodePen challenge. A great way to flex your CSS muscles!

About the Challenge

What better way to start the new year than with a CSS code challenge! Back in December our production team got together to build components using some interesting CSS constraints. Each developer generated a unique challenge where they were required to use at least one random CSS selector and three random CSS properties.

The goals of this challenge were to think creatively to incorporate CSS that you might not normally reach for and to learn about new CSS that you might have never heard of before. You can find all of the challenges in the CodePen Collection and try generating your own challenge.

See what they built

See the Pen CSS Code Challenge: Quote Component by arnest00 (@arnest00) on CodePen.

Built by Osmond

Built by Josh

See the Pen HTML Code challenge by Jon Oliver (@jonoliver) on CodePen.

Built by Jon

See the Pen CSS Code Challenge: Popover by Jenn Diaz (@jenndiaz) on CodePen.

Built by Jenn

See the Pen CSS Code Challenge - Dec 7 2023 by Catherine Meade (@catheraaine) on CodePen.

Built by Catherine

See the Pen CSS Challenge - List Group by Dustin Whisman (@dustin-jw) on CodePen.

Built by Dustin

See the Pen Sparkbox CSS Challenge by Marissa Huysentruyt (@mhuysentruyt) on CodePen.

Built by Marissa

See the Pen CSS Code Challenge: Dropdown Component by Kasey Bonifacio (@kaseybon) on CodePen.

Built by Kasey

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