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Meet Ryan

06-15-20 Sparkbox

Drupal developer. Comic enthusiast. Hero Strong co-founder. Meet Ryan Kelbel, our newest Developer.

When Ryan was in high school, the internet was in its infancy as far as public usage was concerned. Ryan took all of the advanced computer classes he could as a junior and senior, but when it came to choosing a career, web development didn’t seem feasible to him at the time.

Ryan became an assistant store manager at Record Town/Camelot/F.Y.E. As he became fascinated by music and movies, he pursued a career with them. He later decided to pursue marketing because he wanted to work for a record label in their marketing department. But once Napster came on the scene, those jobs became very limited. Ryan transitioned into the IT field and then found his way back to the idea of web development, where he has stayed for the last 6 years.

During that time, Ryan has built his skills in the CMS Drupal. His experience in retail and IT has given him a unique mix of skills that enables him to work easily with clients and partner with them to troubleshoot on projects. Ryan brings great problem-solving skills and an eagerness to learn to the team. If he encounters a problem he doesn’t understand, he stays focused and continues working until he has a better grasp of the situation.

Ryan is joining the Sparkbox team after he decided to see what jobs were available for Drupal developers. He stumbled across Sparkbox’s listing and felt like the timing was too good to be true. He was seeking a company that focused on growth and developing their employees—and a place that needed someone with a Drupal background. Sparkbox was just the right fit for all of these desires. We’re so glad Ryan stumbled across our job listing!

Ryan and his wife live with their two dogs, Lucy (named after Lucille Ball), Babs (named after Barbara Gordon/Batgirl), and their two cats, Ripley (named after Ripley from the Alien movie franchise) and Solo (named after Han Solo from Star Wars). They are co-founders of a charitable organization called Hero Strong, which uses superheroes to inspire hope, strength, and courage in kids fighting cancer and other deadly diseases. They visit children in hospitals and also offer superhero appearances at partner organizations that assist kids and families in their fight. As a lifelong Batman fan and comic reader, Ryan loves being able to dress up as his hero and watch kids’ eyes light up with excitement when they see their hero in person.

Please join us in welcoming Ryan to the team! Say hi to him on Twitter.

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