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Meet Hunter

12-22-20 Sparkbox

Problem Solver. Curious Thinker. Teamwork Enthusiast. Meet Hunter, our newest Developer.

Hunter joined the Sparkbox team last January through the full-stack developer apprenticeship and officially joined us full-time this summer. He originally found the Sparkbox apprenticeship through a friend who previously completed the program and has continued on to have a successful development career. After seeing what the apprenticeship meant for his friend, Hunter knew it could propel his web career forward too.

Hunter’s passion for web development emerged when one of his best friends from middle school introduced him to programming in C++. After that, he jumped at every chance he could to learn more. By the time he got to high school, Hunter started to learn more web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS—which he ended up liking even more. At the end of high school, Hunter was making sites for local sports coaches, and he knew this was the direction he wanted to take his career.

During his apprenticeship, Hunter impressed our team with his problem-solving skills and curiosity. He is always willing to learn how to make things in a new or better way, which is a must for Sparkboxers since technology is always changing. Hunter also brings an excitement to collaborate as a team and pair on coding problems to both improve himself and those around him. Hunter was drawn to stay with the Sparkbox team through the many shared values, including empathy and curiosity.

Hunter is joining the Sparkbox team from Fort Worth, Texas, where he currently resides with his three dogs: Oliver, a chow mix, Shadow, a shepherd mix, and Roxy, a chihuahua. In his free time, you might find him taking the field in a pick-up soccer game or shooting some free throws on the basketball court.

Please join us in welcoming Hunter to the Sparkbox team. Say hi to him on Twitter or Github and check out his personal website.

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