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Meet Eli

09-21-20 Sparkbox

Passionate programmer. Hard worker. Web enthusiast. Meet Eli, our newest Developer.

Eli has been a developer for a long time. Seriously, they started programming when they were around seven years old. At this age, Eli’s dad gave them an old Linux pc and a book called “Teach Yourself C in 21 Days.” He told Eli to have at it, and Eli has been programming ever since.

For a while, Eli did robotics programming competitively, and then they transitioned to teaching robotics. Eli soon became interested in the idea of making your own website, and this quickly developed into them being totally enamored with improving the state of the web for everyone. This passion has carried them through to this day.

Later, they started the Interactive Design program at Savannah College of Art and Design, where they were introduced to the CEO of a startup. Since they’d already been doing web development for about four years, Eli decided to join the startup as a developer, and this officially launched their web career.

While researching accessibility, Eli stumbled across Sparkbox as they found one of Ben’s Be Better articles. They felt that Sparkbox’s values aligned closely with their own and that a job here would be a great fit for them. After working here for a few weeks, they feel like that was the right call.

Eli is a hard worker, passionate and motivated to make a better web. They find web development genuinely fun, so pouring energy into improving the web feels natural to them. When they’re not writing code, Eli enjoys cooking, biking, and playing video games.

We’re so excited to welcome Eli and their passion for the web into our team. We know that with them around, we’ll be even better at building a better web.

Please join us in welcoming Eli to the Sparkbox team. Say hi to them on Twitter.

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