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Meet John

11-27-20 Sparkbox

Creative. Musician. Basketball enthusiast. Meet John, our newest Communication Specialist.

From a young age, John fell in love with music. But he also has a talent for drawing and other arts. When he auditioned for the Stivers School for the Arts in Dayton, he initially tried to focus on music. But his mom encouraged him to also pursue visual arts as well, which became his center of interest while there. He’s thankful she did because this led John down the path of intertwining music and art throughout his career. Even when he has reluctantly tried to separate the two, they seemed to always come together.

Throughout his career, the theme of integrating design and music has continued in many ways. John has worked for a variety of organizations across the Dayton area doing things from creating brand identities, infographics, and merchandise to mixing podcast episodes and editing videos. He then started his own business as a freelance designer and has been doing that ever since. Through these experiences, John brings some amazing skills with him to our team including incredible organizational skills, curiosity in creating better products, and being able to think through high-level processes.

John first heard about Sparkbox through playing music with several design and developer friends in the Dayton community as well as being an avid reader of The Foundry. So when our Communications Director reached out for his help last year, he jumped on the opportunity to start working with the Sparkbox team, first as a contractor and now as a permanent member of the communications team.

Outside of work, you will find John playing drums, exploring nature, watching NBA games, and attempting to craft perfect music playlists.

Please join us in welcoming John to the Sparkbox team. Say hi to him on Twitter and check out some of his work on Dribbble.

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