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Engaging Subscribers in Your Design System (Video)

08-05-19 Catherine Meade

Catherine shares her session from Skills Matter’s FullStack NYC on “Keeping Subscribers Engaged in Your Design System.”

Designs Systems. We keep talking about how they work, how they don’t, and whether or not they’re right for your situation. The 2019 Design Systems Survey found design systems provide numerous benefits, including increased efficiency and brand consistency, but like every other technical tool, it takes some marketing strategy to get people to buy-in.

The 2019 Design Systems Survey responses also gave us insight into common challenges with design systems. The survey showed that after having a design system, most respondents considered adoption and maintenance to be the biggest challenges.

As consultants, we at Sparkbox play the role of both agency and in-house team, working alongside clients as they build design systems from nothing. In my case, I’ve had the opportunity to watch a single design system grow from its beta release into a multi-brand behemoth. Encouraging subscriber buy-in is a major milestone we think about a lot.

This video includes my entire talk from Skills Matter’s FullStackNYC 2019, “Keeping Subscribers Engaged in Your Design System.” Watch for the opportunity to learn how to create a teachable, attentive, successful design system your subscribers may actually want to use.

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