Exploring Design System Team Culture

As professionals in the digital world, we’ve probably all experienced the difference between working with a harmonious team and one that’s struggling. Creating and running a design system team is no different. The culture of your organization and your design system team has a lasting impact on your ability to successfully build and grow a system. Years of design system research and interviews, as well as real-world experience, have helped Sparkbox develop a strategy for responding to and addressing cultural challenges so that design systems move forward.

Understanding How Culture Helps Your System Thrive

It’s not just the state of your organizational culture or the subculture that defines your design system team, it’s how the two interact with one another. Are they aligned? How can you tell? You can figure it out and get everyone on the same page. Your design system will be better off as a result.

Fostering a Healthy Design System

As described above, a thriving culture is a huge factor in the success of a design system over time. But it’s far from the only factor! When you’re working with complex systems there are many, many ways for individuals and teams to contribute to its success.

Back to the Basics

A design system is a complex idea and an intricate product, and sometimes you need to delve deep to find the fix for friction (with your culture or otherwise). Other times, you might need to revisit the fundamentals and make sure everything is as it should be. Here are some resources for just such an occasion.

Case Studies

Want to get a peek into Sparkbox’s work with design systems? We’ve got you covered. Here are a variety of moments in which we’ve either helped build, evolve, or diagnose and improve a design system.