New Workshop: Design System Maturity Model

05-18-21 Sparkbox

Ben Callahan will give you strategies for assessing your system’s current stage and practical steps for maturing to the next.

If you work with design systems, if you manage more than one site, if you support more than one brand, if you want to be more efficient, consistent, or unified in your product building approach—this is the workshop for you.

Ben will lead you through the four primary stages of design system maturity that he has developed from years of interviews and industry-wide surveys.

Ben will cover

  • the competing forces that are always at play
  • the delicate balance between flexibility and consistency
  • how to move from one design system stage to the next while keeping your team and system in good health

You’ll leave with strategies for assessing your design system’s current stage, and you’ll discover what your next steps should be in the maturity of your design system.

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