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Test Your Accessibility Knowledge with Sparkbox’s Trivia11y Quiz

05-18-23 Sparkbox

Building a better web means building with accessibility in mind. Not sure how to keep learning or where you might need to focus your learning efforts? Take the Trivia11y quiz and test your accessibility knowledge!

Whether you’re a Sparkbox client or a regular Foundry reader, you probably know that accessibility is a top priority for us. When we talk about building a better web, we mean a web that works for everyone, including folks with visual, cognitive, or other challenges in perceiving and interacting with websites. Every client and project comes with a unique set of needs, and we customize unique solutions for our clients. However, we don’t consider accessibility to be an optional feature—it’s an integral part of the way we work.

I have several colleagues here who have earned accessibility certifications, and my hat is off to them. It’s easy to say “accessibility is important” but it’s a lot harder (and more time-consuming) to take the time to understand and memorize priorities, regulations, techniques, and requirements. These heroes also understand the difference between what is technically recommended and how real-life user experiences need to be taken into account. Their hard work is inspiring and necessary.

How can you determine whether you’re up to speed? Well, maybe we can help. Accessibility is not a game. But if you’re the type of person who created stacks of flash cards to study for tests in school, I have good news for you! In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day and in support of all of you out there trying to do the right thing, we’ve created the Trivia11y quiz.

Test your smarts, see how you stack up, and identify possible shortfalls in your accessibility awareness. We’ve got 50 questions for you to start, and we’ll add more as we can. We hope this helps you take your knowledge to the next level and build a better web for your users.

Take the Trivia11y Quiz

Special thanks to Dustin Whisman for leading this effort. And thank you to the other members of Sparkbox’s Accessibility Guild who helped: Catherine Meade, Jenn Diaz, Mandy Kendall, Melissa Thompson, Osmond Arnesto, Philip Zastrow, and Theo Gainey.

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