Lina on Building Allies in Louder Than Ten

11-01-19 Sparkbox

Sparkboxer Lina Calin wrote for Louder Than Ten on how building allies is crucial to creating change in both yourself and your workplace.

”Networking often feels like an ambiguous, awkward exercise in small talk. Our focus should actually be on the more intentional, personal process of building allies.”

Over her years in the digital industry, Lina has spent much of her time building relationships with others and looking for better ways to connect with her teams and clients. She has learned the value and importance of building allies when working to improve her projects, processes, and organizations. Exploring this idea on Louder Than Ten, Lina advocates for focusing on building sincere, meaningful relationships to develop a circle of professional allies.

“My allies challenge me, change the way I think about things, and help me become a better person.”

In her article, Lina answers questions such as

  • Who are your allies?
  • How can you build allies?
  • What do you do once you have allies?

Read Lina’s Article on Louder Than Ten

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