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Meet Lina

04-24-19 Sparkbox

Food enthusiast. Skillful planner. Relationship builder. Meet Lina, our newest Project Manager.

Lina was always interested in people, and when asked the common ice-breaker question, “what superpower would you want?” she always answered, “I want to know what people actually mean when they say things.”

So naturally, Lina majored in Psychology while attending the College of William and Mary, focusing on personality and nonverbal communication. This education grew her superpower of understanding and connecting with others.

Out of college, Lina’s jobs led her on stepping stones to becoming a project manager. Her first job was managing a local restaurant, but everything changed when she received a call to work as an Account and Project Manager. On the new job, she found that she really enjoyed project management and possessed exceptional natural abilities for the position. Later, she moved on to a strictly project management position and felt that she’d found her calling.

When asked why she loves project management, Lina will answer with a laugh—it’s a job where she gets paid to be as neurotic about planning as she naturally is! But more than that, Lina loves the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with her team and her clients.

Lina is passionate about educating project managers and investing in the digital community. She partners with a number of organizations to build resources for project managers in the digital space. Lina brings value to the team with her passion for organization and building relationships. She is detail-oriented, a strong communicator, and nerdy enough to absolutely love learning about technology.

Outside of work, Lina has an enthusiasm for food and even writes a food blog. She loves trying new, unique foods at restaurants, where she can learn new methods of cooking familiar ingredients or try something new altogether! And she loves to find a seat at the bar: it’s a spot where she can meet interesting people, build a connection with the bartender, and make new friends.

We’re so excited Lina is joining us and bringing her bright personality and extraordinary planning and management skills.

Please join us in welcoming Lina to the Sparkbox team. Say hi to Lina on LinkedIn and check out her site.

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