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Web Developer Job Preparedness Sessions (Video)

10-07-20 Lindsay Silver

In this four-part series, learn how to understand developer job postings, create a resume and cover letter, feel comfortable in interviews and whiteboarding, and negotiate your salary.

Learning coding skills is a crucial part of becoming a developer, but there is a whole other set of skills that junior developers need to master in order to feel prepared to apply for jobs in the web industry.

This 4 session series will allow attendees to follow along with our 2020 apprentices to learn how to highlight their own strengths and how to approach the job market of the web industry with more confidence, and hopefully success! We will dive into the following subjects:

  • Resumes

  • How to Really Read Developer Job Postings and Cover Letters

  • Interviews and Whiteboarding

  • Salary Negotiation

If you would like to learn more, check out the related article that goes into similar specifics about how to get a job in web development.

Session 1: Job Preparedness and Writing Resumes

We’ll start by walking through the Job Preparedness curriculum and outline. Then, we’ll move on to discuss in what ways web development resumes can look different from other industries, and how to make yours stand out by fine-tuning and tailoring certain details.

View the Slides with Resources

Session 2: Reading Developer Job Postings and Writing Cover Letters

In this session, we will learn how to “read between the lines” of developer job postings and discover that many postings are written by an HR person who might not entirely understand the job they are writing about. You’ll also get a better idea of how to write a cover letter for the web industry and a template to do so!

View the Slides for a Cover Letter Exercise and Resources

Session 3: Interviewing and Whiteboarding

A panel of Sparkboxers will interactively lead this session. You will gather important tricks and tips for how to prepare for interviews and whiteboarding and learn how to deal with questions you are not sure how to answer.

View the Slides with Whiteboarding Exercises and Resources

Session 4: Negotiating Salary

Discover the tips and tricks of salary negotiation for when you get the job! The advice in this session includes learning how to assess your worth, knowing what your bare minimum price is, and some silly but effective Jedi mind tricks.

View the Slides with Resources

Go Get That Job!

With a strong resume, cover letter, and more knowledge of the web industry job market, you should now have the confidence to put your best foot forward when applying for, interviewing for, and accepting a new job. Good luck!

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