UnConference: The Anatomy of a Design System

04-28-22 Sparkbox

Are you confused about what a design system is, and what you can use it for? On April 28, Sparkbox presented a conference about building a foundation with a common design system vocabulary.

Design systems have vast scopes and complexities—and no two are the same. That’s why establishing a collective vocabulary around design systems is key to unifying a team that can develop and mature a design system for long-term success.

During this event, our team deconstructed the language used to talk about design systems, clearly defined each concept, and reassembled these concepts into a succinct and complete understanding of what design systems are.

Ben Callahan on The Anatomy of a Design System

Ben lays out a framework for understanding a design system’s individual components, the common terms used to discuss these systems, and a roadmap of future considerations for your system.

Kasey Bonifacio on The Anatomy of Design Systems In-The-Wild

Kasey builds upon the terms defined in the previous session with real-life applications to design systems and advice on how to effectively use this knowledge for your work.

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