Exploring the Power of Product Champions

In the more than a decade that Sparkbox has been working with clients of all types and sizes, one thing has remained constant: the biggest challenges that our partners face aren’t technical, they’re human. In our experience, it is far and away easier to write code and test products than it is to motivate people and run an effective team. However, there is a solution—Product Champions.

So, What Is a Product Champion?

Product Champions are the people that push a project forward, that get the team from ideation to realization. Sure, these people can be project managers and sanctioned leaders but that isn’t always the case. A Product Champion can be anyone and may enter the fray in surprising ways.

You can jump right into Drew’s presentation—below—or read his article "Product Champions: Leading Products For The Win."

More about This Role

It’s not about titles, it’s about impact. Whether you’re focused on strategy or execution, you’re a Product Champion when you take responsibility for leading the delivery of the critical return on investment for your organization. But how does this position get filled?

Interactions with Other Roles

As your team’s resident Champion, you’re not just an advocate, you’re a maestro. You have to know how to reach out and gather critical support from members within the product team, outside of the product team, and even sometimes outside of your organization. But how do you get everyone onboard?

Working with Developers as a Product Champion

When you’re a Product Champion for a web project, one of the most important things you do is interact with the development team. It’s on you to make sure you’re communicating expectations and prioritizing goals. You also have a responsibility to lead and advocate for the development team. Here are some ideas to get you started.

How a UX Team Can Support a Product Champion

Who has the information, know-how, and expertise that your team needs? As the Product Champion, it’s your job to find out. In this video, one of our strategists explores the uncanny superpowers of your friendly neighborhood UX hero. Learn how you can work with UX team members within your organization to check your assumptions, connect with users, and improve your product.

Useful Tools for Product Champions

You’ve learned a lot about being a Product Champion so far. If you are the Product Champion for your team, we can help! Here are some tools we have found useful for this role.

Even More Resources

As you’ve learned, a Product Champion is not defined by a title. However, there is quite a bit of overlap between the role that a Product Champion plays and that of a project manager or product owner. Here are some resources that are for these roles but also apply to the Champion position.