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Meet Ryan

11-17-13 Sparkbox

Our newest developer now changes diapers, but he once changed gravity.

Code and technology have been close to Ryan’s heart since he was 10 years old and got to play on a Tandy computer. He was mesmerized by the game Gorillas and had a blast changing the angle and strength to throw a banana. But it was all over when he found the key to get into the source code and realized he could change color… and gravity.

As soon as I changed gravity, I was like, this is my world, and I own it.

Ryan takes his world domination seriously—working with his wife to sufficiently populate the Earth with four kids under the age of six. Two of those rugrats are 18-month-old twins. So when Ryan comes into the office wearing two different shoes, we only mildly make fun of him.

Ryan has more than 10 years of experience delivering software solutions that people enjoy using. He loves sharing his knowledge through coaching, serving as co-founder of the Dayton Clean Coders and the Dayton Elixir Meetup, leading as co-organizer of Southwest Ohio GiveCamp, and being an all-around software community ally.

He joins Sparkbox as a developer where he’ll apply his experience architecting big solutions for large organizations. We’re excited to see him help plan and build robust, scalable, flexible, clean, and reliable applications.

Whether it’s coding or woodworking, Ryan likes to get his hands dirty and build things. “We live in a time where it doesn’t take nearly the investment to build things. So I think there are no excuses not to build and make things that will change the world that we live in.”

Say hi to Ryan on Twitter @cromwellryan.

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