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Meet Ricardo

01-08-20 Sparkbox

Foster dad. DIY-er. Goofball. Meet Ricardo, our newest Developer.

Ricardo got into web development because of three unrelated life events: his friend got a new job, he got engaged, and his band retired. His friend had been a pilot but had recently started working as a web developer and seemed to love it, which piqued Ricardo’s interest. At the same time, Ricardo was searching for a wedding RSVP website for him and his fiancee. And since his band had retired, he’d recently lost his creative outlet. So he decided to try out his friend’s new passion by designing and developing his own wedding RSVP site in sketch and PHP. Ricardo fell in love with the process and was excited to discover a new way to be creative.

Born in Panama and raised in Hampton, Virginia, Ricardo now lives in Harrisonburg, Virginia, with his wife Kristin, his foster daughter, and their two hellion cats. Ricardo found Sparkbox when searching for a company that allowed remote work so he could stay present in his foster daughter’s life. He was also searching for a company that aligned with his values. When he interviewed with Sparkbox, he found that what we value is similar to what he values. And he loved seeing that Sparkboxers love what they do.

Ricardo brings seven years of experience from a start-up web development shop where he helped build the team, choose technologies and standards, and shape the culture. He also gained experience leading small teams and working directly with clients, which taught him a lot about his own strengths and weaknesses. With a passion for problem-solving, Ricardo tackles problems with users and clients in mind, using his natural empathy and compassion for others to guide his decisions.

When not solving development problems, Ricardo has a slew of hobbies he enjoys, including but not limited to Jiu-Jitsu, rock climbing, playing music, and making improvements on his 1948 home (sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of choice).

We’re so excited that Ricardo is joining Sparkbox and bringing his experience and sense of empathy to the team. Please join us in welcoming Ricardo. Say hi to him on Twitter.

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