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Meet Natalie

08-17-20 Sparkbox

Relationship builder. Servant leader. Photographer. Meet Natalie, our newest Project Manager.

Natalie is passionate about the power of genuine relationships. Throughout her varied career, this is what she has cared most about. She originally learned about the value of genuine relationships from her father, who (because of the loss of his father) had to start work at the age of ten. He eventually became a self-made businessman on the core principle that all relationships should be real and heartfelt, based on genuine connection and empathy. His example deeply instilled these values in Natalie.

Natalie started off her career as a history major (learning to consume enormous amounts of information!) at Wheeling Jesuit University. But she started her career in the tech industry as a frontend designer. After several years of working as a frontend designer, Natalie transitioned to project management.

One of Natalie’s core beliefs is that she is in the world for other people, and she found that this attitude fit naturally with project management. She’s also found that as a project manager, she can be both equitable and empathetic, striving to be a servant leader in all of her projects.

As an experienced project manager of ten years, Natalie brings many skills to the Sparkbox team. She has a particular interest in project management methodologies, and she’s always trying to learn new ways of practicing her craft—engaging local community members, attending meetups, and joining new classes. Natalie’s leadership strengths include a focus on active listening, continuously developing communication skills, and empowering others to find their voices. Her blend of technical background and mindfulness toward users enables her to work as an effective bridge between her team and her clients.

When not in the office, Natalie loves to spend time at the gym, taking long walks while listening to podcasts, and experimenting with photography. She also enjoys spending time with her parents, two brothers, and her nieces and nephews (who seem to be growing impossibly fast). She just moved nearer to them all, and she’s enjoying having more time with them.

We’re so excited to have Natalie on the team, and we’re grateful for the strengths she’ll be bringing with her. Please join us in welcoming Natalie! Say hi to her on LinkedIn.

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