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Meet Meredith

06-26-19 Sparkbox

Organizer. Sticky note lover. Team supporter. Meet Meredith, our new Executive Assistant.

In high school, Meredith planned to be a nurse. Her first jobs were in a doctor’s office and a hospital, which she liked. But when she started nursing school, she suddenly realized that working as a medical professional was not something she enjoyed. Instead, she found that she loved the office and administrative parts of her jobs, and her natural abilities enabled her to excel in those roles.

Meredith loves organization. Lists, sticky notes, and notebooks bring her joy. She is passionate about planning and coordinating, and she enjoys working to make sure everything in her power runs smoothly. Meredith is also incredibly talented in her ability to notice and remember small details—she can be fairly quiet, and that enables her to listen carefully and recall important details later on.

Meredith honed these skills and passions over six years of secretarial and administrative experience. This included three years as an office manager and four as a part-time certified nursing assistant. One of her previous roles was at a creative agency. She loved the work and was recently looking for something in the same industry. She’d heard good things about Sparkbox from friends and coworkers, so she checked our website at just the right time to catch our Executive Assistant opening.

When asked why she loves this job, Meredith says, “I genuinely enjoy being in a team support role.” And we’re very fortunate she does: our office is already benefiting from her organization, planning, and support.

In her free time, Meredith enjoys exploring Dayton and finding new places to eat. At home, she enjoys baking. And she plans to share her baked goods with the office (we’re excited about that!) as she always makes more than she can eat. She’s also subscribed to Book of the Month and just started to enjoy gaming—she’s playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild right now.

We’re so excited that Meredith is part of the Sparkbox team. Please join us in welcoming her. Say hi to Meredith on Twitter

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