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Meet Katy

08-23-17 Sparkbox

Coder by day, and author by night. Meet our newest hire and calligraphy enthusiast: Katy.

The newest addition to the Sparkbox family doesn’t just code—she writes novels, practices calligraphy, and co-leads the Dayton chapter of Girl Develop It. Meet Katy, our newest developer.

Before her family gets up in the morning, you’ll find Katy with one hand on the keyboard typing her latest novel and one hand holding a steaming cup of tea—the MarketSpice Cinnamon-Orange blend, if you’re looking for a new brew.  

Katy never imagined her life would lead to coding. She has an undergraduate degree in anthropology and music, as well as nearly ten years’ experience as a community and regional planner.

Katy credits the Dayton chapter of Girl Develop It as being instrumental in her becoming a developer. While the classes were beneficial in creating a firm foundation of coding knowledge, it was the community of strong female coders that encouraged her to take the plunge into becoming a full-time developer. Her diverse interests, coupled with her code experience and liberal arts education, have given her deep roots in critical thinking and creativity, making her a powerful contributor to the web community in Dayton.

Katy’s strong desire to teach code and dig into her local community got her on Sparkbox’s radar, and we are thrilled to add her to the team.

Katy is sharp, hardworking, and a total team player. These are just a few qualities that make her the perfect addition to the Sparkbox team. Her killer spaghetti Bolognese at Sparkbox lunches and wicked trivia skills are definitely a bonus.

Say hello to Katy on Twitter, and be sure to ask how her latest novel is coming along.

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