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Meet Katie

10-18-19 Sparkbox

Listener. Home improver. Very remote employee. Meet Katie, our new Director of Business Development.

Katie resides in Middlebury, Vermont, with her 13-year-old son and a large, bossy cat. As we at Sparkbox have learned, he (the cat, not the son) shows up for work promptly at 4:00 pm every day and drools on Katie’s keyboard. While not particularly productive, he is endearing on video calls, which Katie has regularly as our remote Director of Business Development.

Katie majored in journalism at Washington and Lee University, where she learned to write quickly and clearly and to meet every deadline. After ten years in public relations, she found her way to business development when a friend asked for help with a business proposal. The friend may have gotten quite a bit more feedback than he was expecting. Twelve years and several studios later, Katie is excited to put her business development experience to work for Sparkbox.

What makes Katie right for business development? She’s a natural-born listener. Her goal is always to understand what people are challenged by so she can help figure out a way to solve those problems. Her skills align well with Sparkbox’s values, and we’re excited she’s bringing them to the table. Sparkbox’s approach to client engagements is what attracted Katie to this position. She loves that the approach is direct, straightforward, and executed at the highest level.

When not working or wiping down her keyboard, Katie can be found on the sidelines of middle school sporting events or routinely overestimating her skills on home improvement projects.

Please join us in welcoming Katie to the Sparkbox team! Say hi to her on LinkedIn.

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