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Meet Kasey

09-09-15 Sparkbox

She’s a maker and a baker. Meet Kasey, a creator and problem-solver.

“I make things.”

From the physical world to the virtual one, Kasey is a scrappy, self-motivated maker. She taught herself how to sew, code, cook, and take on lots of other crafty endeavors. Kasey lives to create, solve problems, and add an extra 15 pounds to all her coworkers.

As a kid, Kasey first learned to code by making webpages for her NeoPets. Not sure what she wanted to do in her career, Kasey later took an HTML class in college and realized she could do even more than make NeoPet fan pages and shifted her major to Web Design. But it wasn’t until her first job out of college as a web designer when Kasey figured out where she really belonged.

“I worked with a guy who was a backend developer. I’d tell him what I wanted, he’d disappear for a few hours and come back with it. The things that he could build blew my mind. I wanted to be able to do that.”

Once Kasey saw the PHP side of things, she knew what she was destined to become. In an effort to see her dream come true, Kasey decided to take a chance and applied and accepted a position as an apprentice with Sparkbox and impressed the socks off us with her strong analytic thinking and overall commitment to go above and beyond on projects like the Girl Scouts training. We were thrilled to have Kasey join our team full time in July when the apprenticeship ended and have already seen her put her passion to good use, solving problems and creating with client projects.

If you can’t find Kasey in front of her computer, there’s a good chance you’ll find her in our office kitchen making something ridiculously tasty. Our team quickly picked up on the fact that merely saying, “cookies sound good” or some variant when Kasey’s within earshot will likely result in some creatively concocted deliciousness pulled from whatever random ingredients are in the kitchen.

You can learn more about this crafty web geek on her site and drop her a note on Twitter—just be sure to mention cookies.

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