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Meet Jordan

08-09-19 Sparkbox

Aspiring chef. Apple fanboy. Magician. Meet Jordan, our newest Developer.

Jordan is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He attended Michigan State University in East Lansing, where he majored in criminal justice and minored in Jewish studies, focusing on Hebrew.

But Jordan’s interest in web development started before college. In high school, he built his first website for his parents’ veterinary hospital. As part of this first website experience, he built a web application with an internal-use intranet, a client messaging service application, and a pharmacy portal for clients. And Jordan was very grateful for the support of his parents, who purchased WebObjects for him despite the fact that he didn’t exactly know how to use it.

Throughout the rest of high school and college (including during some less interesting classes), Jordan continued to develop websites. After college, he was working for Apple Retail when he was accepted into a six-month internship with Apple Corporate. This internship immersed Jordan in their Information Systems and Technology department’s world of web services and applications. This was both personally exciting for him (as he is a huge Apple fan) but also gave him the professional skills and experience he needed to land his first job as a developer at the University of Virginia.

Jordan brings a background in full-stack development, developing web services and APIs, and engineering middleware to integrate individual sites and APIs. He also has experience managing cloud-based web services (primarily with AWS). Jordan’s previous coworkers would say that he incorporates a healthy sense of humor into his work. We at Sparkbox can already agree as Jordan is an amateur magician and demonstrated his skills for us within the first week (they were impressive).

Jordan was excited about the idea of working at Sparkbox because he wanted to find a technologically forward-thinking company that was also flexible enough to keep up with emerging trends. And we at Sparkbox are so happy he decided to join us. He brings fantastic technical skills, great humor, and (literally) magic to our offices.

When not working, Jordan dabbles in a long list of hobbies, including photography, cooking, baking, and reading about consumer technology. And he’s always up for a good superhero movie, trying out a new restaurant, or hanging out with friends and family.

Please join us in welcoming Jordan to the Sparkbox team. Say hi to him on Twitter and Github.

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