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Meet Erin

09-13-19 Sparkbox

Explorer. Crafter. Problem Solver. Meet Erin, our newest Project Manager.

Erin comes to Sparkbox as a veteran project manager. She spent 3 years working for an international nonprofit as a business analyst and product owner for both their large development efforts and small bug fixes, and she spent the past several years working with smaller organizations on websites with a shoestring budget. Many times, Erin became the unofficial project manager when none was assigned.

Erin learned about Sparkbox when one of her previous companies worked with us on a project. During the project, Sparkbox helped elevate the skills of her company’s development and design teams. Several years down the road, Erin is very excited at the idea of working at Sparkbox and being able to provide those experiences to other teams.

She loves digital project management because it is the culmination of all the things she loves: breaking down large projects into small, manageable tasks, identifying and removing project barriers, solving problems creatively, identifying new and better ways to communicate through websites, and working with an incredibly talented group of people to get the job done.

Erin grew up in Hesston, a small town in south-central Kansas known for building farm equipment and for an F5 tornado that nearly destroyed it when she was in elementary school. She studied sociology to better understand human behavior and interactions, and she later received an MBA.

Now residing in Colorado, Erin lives with her black lab and golden retriever mix, Lucy, who can find tennis balls in the most unlikely places. Erin enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and running—always trying to find the most beautiful places, which can only be discovered on foot. When she has to stay inside, Erin reads, quilts, knits, or crochets.

We are very excited about the new perspectives she brings to Sparkbox. Please join us in welcoming Erin to the Sparkbox team. Say hi to her on Twitter.

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