Meet Emily

07-25-13 Sparkbox

An enthusiast for words and the web—Emily joins the Sparkbox team as Content Strategist and Project Manager.

Some people are so calm and easy-going that they instantly relax you. Emily puts even those people at ease.

To say that we’re excited to have Emily on the Sparkbox team is an understatement. Not only does she bring cool, level-headed thinking, Emily has a heck of a work ethic. She definitely raises the bar in terms of intentionality, attention to detail, and getting things done right—qualities that serve clients well as she manages projects and owns our content strategy.

She’s got a heck of a resumé, too. With academic background in public relations and marketing, Emily has done grad work, taught collegiately, and even worked in major studio movie promotion. In her previous role, she literally transformed herself into a content strategist through experience, study, and a little midwestern gumption. Though she wouldn’t call herself a developer, she loves the web and web content, and she’s been immersing herself in it for years.

But don’t think Emily is all study and no play. Behind all that savvy is a lover of indie music, a wife, and a mom. In fact, her first date with her now husband was a Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s concert. Yes, before they were cool.

So, get to know Emily. She tweets from @emilykggray. You can say you knew her before everyone else did.

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