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Meet Corinne

07-18-18 Sparkbox

Crafter. Mandarin speaker. Writer of graphic novels. Meet Corinne, the latest full-stack apprentice turned full-time Sparkboxer.

Whether you need a sweater knitted, comic drawn, novel written, or website designed and built, Corinne Ling is your one-stop creative shop.

Originally from Escondido, California, Corinne’s web career began when they took a job at the campus bookstore at the University of Nevada, Reno. Then a sophomore English major minoring in Mandarin, Corinne started photographing merchandise for the store. They soon transitioned to marking up content and creating graphic design elements. A thriving freelance business building WordPress sites soon followed, as did co-founding a web design startup, where they served as the lead web developer.

In 2017, Corinne moved to Ohio. A few internet searches for web companies later, and Corinne landed on Sparkbox. “It was my new dream to work there,” says Corinne. Not one to give up on old dreams while pursuing the new, Corinne still writes in their free time, including graphic novels and an upcoming webcomic about teens who work at a poisonous garden, which is a partnership with their best friend. “Coming-of-age stories are so important,” says Corinne. “They’re about developing habits to think for yourself for the rest of your life.”

What attracted Corinne to Sparkbox? At first, it was inspecting the code on “It’s such quality work; you can tell people really care,” Corinne says. Then it was meeting Sparkboxers at meetups and workshops. Corinne applied for the full-stack apprenticeship program and was so talented we just had to bring them onto the development team full-time.

At Sparkbox, Corinne is looking forward to using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to help clients create visually exciting sites that are user-friendly and accessible. “It’s so interesting how styling and functionality go hand-in-hand,” says Corinne. “People think they have to be separate. But you don’t have to limit yourself. They work together.”

To learn more about Corinne, visit their personal website, say hi on Twitter, or check out the cool resource guide they created for anyone who wants to learn to code.

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