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Meet Ben

02-19-20 Sparkbox

Dog dad. Music lover. Frontend focused. Meet Ben, our newest Developer.

Ben grew up deep in the heart of Texas and initially attended Texas A&M University for psychology. Both during and after this time, he served in a number of different sales and customer service positions. However, he then decided he wanted to pursue a career in web development for two reasons. First, he personally wanted to pursue a career that would continually bring him new challenges to solve and new opportunities to learn. Second, because he wanted a career where he could positively impact others and provide meaningful solutions to users’ problems.

To pursue this new career, Ben went back to school for software development (with a frontend focus) at The Turing School of Software and Design. He now has three years of development experience, during which he has worked in both startup and enterprise environments. His main focus has been all things frontend development, but he’s also worn the hats of Scrum Master and small-team lead. Combining this with his five years of sales and customer service experience, Ben brings unique talent and abilities to the Sparkbox team.

Ben stumbled across Sparkbox on Twitter when he was seeking a remote position. After taking a deeper look into the company, he felt that Sparkbox produced high-quality work while being a great environment for employees both professionally and personally.

We’re so excited that Ben stumbled across Sparkbox and decided to join the team. He brings strong empathy and open-mindedness to the team, and he also has a strong drive to tackle difficult problems that will benefit the projects he touches.

Ben still resides in Texas but is now accompanied by his 130-pound lap dog, Ollie. When he’s not working, you can find him playing with Ollie at a dog park, exploring the outdoors, traveling, attending a concert, or trying a new restaurant.

Please join us in welcoming Ben to the Sparkbox team!

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