Jody on Honesty and Maturity with Plucky Blog

09-27-19 Sparkbox

Plucky asked Jody about her director role at Sparkbox. Take a look at her responses.

Jody Thornburg joined the Sparkbox team in 2013 but moved into her Director of Humans role in 2017. Since then, Jody has learned a lot about coaching team members, people operations, and navigating various challenges.

“I had no idea how many complex discussions and hard conversations were in store for me in this role…I no longer aim for perfect agreement but rather deliberate unity—decidedly moving forward together.”

In Jody’s manager feature on the Plucky Blog, she shares more about her journey, including how she’s approached challenges, how she’s improved, and tips for leaving work at work.

Read Jody’s Full Feature on Plucky Blog

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