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Hands-On Responsive and Adaptive Web Design (Ben's Presentation from CodeMash 2012)

01-17-12 Ben Callahan

Ben Callahan’s slides from CodeMash 2012 on “Hands-On-Responsive and Adaptive Web Design.”

We had a great time at CodeMash 2012—and not just because it was in a HUGE INDOOR WATERPARK. There were geeks, geeks, and more geeks, and we fit right in. It was fantastic.

In addition to the geeks, I had a chance to share a bit about how we’ve been building sites around Sparkbox for the past year. We are absolute believers in the need for building sites to embrace the fluidity of the web, so I presented on “Hands-On Responsive and Adaptive Web Design.” My slide deck is below. It was awesome to see the response; we had standing-room only and great questions during and after the presentation. Thanks to all who came and participated. Hopefully, we’ll see you next year surfing the perpetual wave in Sandusky.

If you want the code, download the example files from Github.

Hands-on Responsive and Adaptive Web Design Slides

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