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Embracing the Power of the MVP

05-02-24 Sparkbox

An MVP is sometimes perceived as a shortcut or a constrained version of a great idea. Not so! It’s just the first step on the road to a deeper understanding of the potential of your ideas.

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You have an amazing idea for a software product to change the world. All of your plans and dreams will be realized. But then (sad trombone) someone suggests an MVP–a “minimum viable product.” Your heart sinks as you imagine your ideas trimmed and slashed into something unrecognizable. 

Well, we have great news! An MVP does not mean the end of the road or a lesser product. It means the beginning. It means creating a responsible, well-informed, flexible product that gets the ball rolling in the right direction and ensures that you’re on the right path for long term success. 

Join Sparkbox for an afternoon exploring what MVP truly means at the intersection of business value, creativity, and technology. You’ll learn how to adopt an MVP mindset that helps sharpen your perception of needs and priorities so you can get your product started and verify its long-term viability. We’ll talk about roadmapping, planning, and staying on track. And we’ll even take a look at how technical decisions you make early in the process can influence your success later on. 

Walk away from our UnConference with a whole new appreciation for how an MVP can support your business needs and ultimately get you where you want to go.

Join us on June 18!

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