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Announcing Design Systems Workshop

04-25-18 Sparkbox

We’re excited about our new “Making Design Systems Work” workshop, where we’ll help you navigate the challenges of building and maintaining the right design system to meet your needs.

We’re fans of well-built, well-executed design systems. We’ve been partnering with enterprise clients for some time now on figuring out how to build, maintain, and iterate on robust design systems that bring great value to organizational needs and goals.

If you’re interested in creating or promoting a design system, in the thick of building one, or maybe already have one that needs some TLC, we think you’ll find great value in attending our “Making Design Systems Work” workshop.

The workshop will walk participants through both the promises and challenges of design systems, and include actionable steps for how to scale a useful design system in a fast-moving, growing organization. Some specifics we’ll discuss include:

  • Evaluating your design system needs (or if you even need one)

  • Running an interface audit to determine inconsistencies

  • Various models for team collaboration

  • How to encourage adoption and buy-in from designers, developers, and other stakeholders

  • How to start small and iterate

  • Rollout and delivery strategies

  • Maintaining and keeping your design system useful

Interested in hosting the design systems workshop at your conference or organization?​ Let us know!

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