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Dayton NodeBots Day 2016

09-20-16 Rob Tarr

Bots, battles, and a whole lot of fun at Dayton’s second annual International NodeBots Day.

July 30th marked the second annual Dayton edition of International NodeBots Day. We joined makers from all over the planet who were building robots and competing in various competitions. In Dayton, we built bots to battle each other. The goal was simple—either push your opponent out of the ring or be closest to the middle when time ran out.

Let me just tell you, it was A LOT of fun. We had competitors from five years old to AARP status. And a myriad of bot designs among the 24 makers.

kids at Dayton NodeBots Day
Fourteen unique bots (of 24 total) face off in the revamped arena.

We also improved our “floor arena” from last year with a 3.5” raised platform with built-in lights to indicate the start and end of each match. This added to the excitement of each match and is a stepping stone to next year’s version 2.0 of the NodeBots Battle Arena.

Check out more pics from the day.

If you missed it this year, we hope to see you next year. And if we sold out before you could get tickets this year, well, let me just say that we are currently working on something bigger and better for 2017!

Big thanks to DataYard, Sparkbox, and Four Ambition for their generous sponsorships. I’d also like to thank my teammates Mike Yockey and Ryan Cromwell for helping to organize the day, and Marshall Norman for using his amazing design skills to create our logo and t-shirt. Without them, the day never would have happened.

NodeBots robot
A bot prepares for battle on the enhanced “floor arena” with built-in lights to indicate the start and end of each match.

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