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Ben Callahan on The Marketing Mentor (Podcast)

02-18-19 Sparkbox

Listen as Ben talks with podcast host Ilise Benun about how content marketing keeps us learning and growing.

“We look at [our thought leadership/content marketing] as a very slow, long-term investment. We want to get better at our jobs. We want to be better, always. And we try to put some time in to understand how to address [interesting] problems, and we share the things we’re learning.” - Ben Callahan

Listen to Sparkbox founder Ben Callahan on a new episode of The Marketing Mentor podcast, hosted by Ilise Benun. Ilise recalls how she worked with us to us create a marketing plan almost 10 years ago, when Sparkbox was a team of eight. Now, we’re a team of more than 40 united in our quest to produce interesting, educational content that helps us learn and grow, and helps us connect with a wide community of web craftspeople who want to learn and grow with us.

“... the intention is to attract your ideal clients into a community and help them and maybe you’ll get to work with them. I love that attitude that one potential byproduct of this could be a job as opposed to, ‘How do I get work out of this?’” - Ilise Benun

In this conversation, Ben discusses our time investment for content marketing, as well as our process and plans for 2019.

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