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Announcing the 2020 Design Systems Survey Results

09-16-20 Sparkbox

Over 260 respondents answered our 2020 Design Systems Survey. Join us in learning common challenges of design systems, what makes a design system mature, and how design systems impact the teams that use them.

Over the past two years, we have learned a lot through conducting an annual survey about design systems. In the 2018 survey, design systems were unproven and relatively new. In our 2019 survey, we noticed that design systems were growing up. For this year’s survey, we asked about design system maturity and how design systems can have a lasting impact on teams.

The 2020 Design Systems Survey had 269 respondents comprising two groups—in-house teams that use design systems within their organization and agency contributors that work with organizations to build and maintain design systems. These audiences bring their unique perspectives to uncover the challenges of having a design system that is built to last—including planning for a design system, managing a design system, and increasing adoption of the design system across the organization. The results also explore the maturity of a design system and how mature design systems impact teams.

View the 2020 Design Systems Survey Results

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