Announcing the 2021 Design Systems Survey Results

07-20-21 Sparkbox

Over 370 respondents answered our 2021 Design Systems Survey. Join us in understanding how to overcome common challenges of design systems and how they are evolving for the future.

For the past three years, our Design System Surveys have provided invaluable insights into what makes a successful design system and this year is no different.

The 2021 Design System Survey Results highlight design system priorities and challenges like encouraging adoption, engaging contributors, and overcoming debt. They explore the impact of measuring design systems based on perceived success and take a closer look at the evolution of design systems. We want anyone (especially you) to have access to the info needed to build a thriving design system.

Go to the 2021 Design System Survey Results

Interested in what we have learned over the years about design systems? Check out articles written based on the past surveys (and find the analyses of previous years’ results): design systems on The Foundry.

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