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13 Days of WCAG 2.1 Web Accessibility Guidelines

07-23-19 Sparkbox

Studying for the Web Accessibility Specialist Exam? Looking to learn about website accessibility? Sparkboxer Kasey created this easy-to-read guide to help.

Here at Sparkbox, accessibility has become a very important topic for us. We are always looking to build a better web, and that means building a web that is accessible to all users.

Kasey's 13 Days of WCAG 2.1 Principles Calendar

Recently, we had some Sparkboxers take the Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) Exam. As they were studying, Kasey Bonifacio decided to create a study guide with simplified content to help her remember the WCAG 2.1 principles and their corresponding guidelines. She then shared each of the guidelines and their examples with the entire team over 13 days to help them study. And it seems to have worked well because we had seven Sparkboxers pass the WAS Exam. Four of those had previously passed the CPACC exam, which means they are now CPWA certified!

Sparkboxers who are Web Accessibility Specialists (WAS): Corinne Ling, Lindsey Wild, and Philip Zastrow

Sparkboxers who are Certified Professionals in Web Accessibility (CPWA): Kasey Bonifacio, Catherine Meade, Lindsay Silver, and Heather Taylor

Now, we are sharing Kasey’s 13 Days of Accessibility with you! Join the conversation by tagging our Twitter or using #13DayA11y. Each guideline falls under one of the four POUR principles.

Visit Kasey’s A11y Calendar


Day 1: Text Alternatives

Day 2: Time-Based Media

Day 3: Adaptable

Day 4: Distinguishable


Day 5: Keyboard Accessible

Day 6: Enough Time

Day 7: Seizures and Physical Reactions

Day 8: Navigable

Day 9: Input Modalities


Day 10: Readable

Day 11: Predictable

Day 12: Input Assistance


Day 13: Compatible

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