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Ship Better Code More Often: Introducing the Development Capabilities Assessment

05-12-21 Sparkbox

Get a custom report on your organization’s technical practices, measurement, software architecture, and security. Learn what you could improve and where to start!

Delivering high-quality software consistently, efficiently, and confidently can be difficult. How is it that some IT organizations seem to soar past others with apparent ease while others struggle to build momentum? We all want the excitement and opportunity that comes with great software development practices. With so many improvement ideas out there, how do you choose where to start? What’s applicable to you and how do you explain that need to your team?

This isn’t an overnight fix. If it was, you would have done that long ago. What you need is sound, research-based guidance that can help you get a better handle on how your organization is performing. You need to narrow in on the best areas to improve and pinpoint specific practices to implement now. To help you with this, we designed the Development Capabilities Assessment.

Answering a few simple questions allows us to provide a custom report with clear direction on where to go next with your technical practices, measurement, software architecture, and security. It’ll tell you what you’re doing well, what you could improve, and where to start. And all of this takes place in your personal and confidential Google or Excel worksheet. It’s your document to own and use how you need to.

This information is based on our years of experience and the excellent research found in Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps. We’re confident it will benefit your software development teams and your entire organization. What’s more, if you’d like a little help parsing out your results, we’d be happy to give you a hand. Reach out to us, and we’ll talk about your individual next steps.

Sparkbox’s Development Capabilities Assessment

Struggle to deliver quality software sustainably for the business? Give your development organization research-backed direction on improving practices. Simply answer a few questions to generate a customized, confidential report addressing your challenges.

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