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CodeMash 2019 Preview: Why and When to Unit Test Sass (Video)

01-03-19 Lindsey Wild

Want to ensure your code is compiling as expected? In this sneak peek at her CodeMash presentation, Lindsey explains how unit testing your Sass can help.

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about Sass unit testing. As it turns out, Sass unit testing is a newer concept to many folks and has been quite a popular topic of conversation. Unit testing, which includes writing tests that ensure a piece of functionality, or “unit,” is working as expected, is something we’ve adopted in one of our enterprise-level design system projects. Unit testing ensures that code is compiling as expected and helps to catch output errors quickly, to name a few. Among why to unit test your Sass is knowing when to unit test Sass, which I explore in this video, an excerpt of a larger presentation I’ll be giving at CodeMash on Thurs., Jan. 10.

In this video, I expand on why and when to unit test Sass, giving a clearer understanding of specific situations to use it and when not to use it, as well as giving a real-life example of when we at Sparkbox could have benefitted from unit testing Sass in one of our projects, an enterprise-level design system.

In the full-length CodeMash presentation, you’ll also learn how unit testing is applied to Sass, how it can benefit your large project, and how to set it up in your own codebase.

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