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UnConference: Leading Successful Project and Product Teams

09-15-21 Sparkbox

On September 15, Sparkbox hosted an online event focused on how project managers and product owners can work together to lead successful projects and teams.

Project managers and product owners play critical roles. Their skills and experience have a lasting impact on any project, as does their ability to closely collaborate with one another. In this 2-hour event, Sparkbox Vice President Rob Harr and Project Managers Erin Blad and Austin Munhofen unpacked how to create happy, healthy, and successful teams.

Rob Harr on Unlocking Competitive Advantage as a Project Manager and Product Owner

Rob Harr dove deep into how healthy project manager and product owner relationships contribute to successful projects.

Erin Blad and Austin Munhofen on Turning Ideas into Action and Long-Term Success

Erin Blad and Austin Munhofen focused on specific tools of the trade, such as product roadmaps and project cadences, explaining how and when to use them most effectively.

Using a Product Roadmap to Unify a Team

Nailing the Mechanics of the Day to Day

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