Sparkboxer Drew Clemens Featured On Smashing Magazine

06-05-12 Sparkbox

Drew's article on design process in the age of the responsive web was published to industry-leading Smashing Magazine this past week. Pretty awesome.

We’re humbled to have a second article published on Smashing by a Sparkboxer. If you missed it, check out Ben’s first article on Content Prototyping, and then make your way over to Drew’s recently published piece. The opportunity to continue to engage in the discussion and furthering of the web has been an exciting one for us. 

Opening of Drew’s article:

You cannot plan for and design a responsive, content-focused, mobile-first website the same way you’ve been creating websites for years—you just can’t. If your goal is to produce something that is not fixed-width and serves smaller devices just the styles they require, why would you use a dated process that contradicts those goals?

The Full Article on Smashing Magazine

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