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Experienced JavaScript Developer Job Opening

04-16-19 Sparkbox

Want to join the Sparkbox team? We’re looking for a JavaScript Developer who wants to help build a better web.

Do you love collaboration and believe it’s the key to great work? Are you always hungry to learn more? Then you might be a good fit for the Sparkbox team.

We are seeking an experienced JavaScript Developer who cares about and is eager to learn the details of deployment, commit history, refactoring, design patterns, and other development practices. If you’re right for this position, you’ll have a standards-centric view of the web, know its limitations and possibilities, and care about performance and progressive enhancement.

Here are a few things you might work with day-to-day:

  • JavaScript, React, Sails.js, Express, Node, and the occasional PHP and Ruby

  • Git, Github, CircleCI, and Heroku

  • Dynamic Pattern Libraries, Atomic Design

  • Performance Budgets, Accessibility

  • Software Design Patterns

  • CMS, e-Commerce Integration

  • Test-Driven Development

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery

We love to learn and grow at Sparkbox, acknowledging our imperfections, embracing new ideas, and humbly helping each other. We hire based on the principles of fluency, empathy, and humility. Our team members must be fluent in their skills to help us deliver high-quality work while being humble enough to grow and empathetic enough to step into others’ shoes and understand their perspectives.

Does this sound like you? Then we’d love the chance to get to know more about you. View the full job description and apply now! Local and remote applicants are welcome.

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