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Sparkbox UnConference: UX Therapy Recordings

02-23-21 Sparkbox

Sparkbox provided solutions for common user experience and design problems.

Stressed from UX-related maladies? During this “calmference,” our Experience Design team shared advice for the UX and design complaints that ail you.

Getting to the Heart of Your UX Issues

Julie offers a look at ways you can problem-solve when your organization lacks a UX team or when the team is too small for the work—or worse yet, when few value UX where you are.

Bridging the Gap Between Design and Development

The next ailment we tackled was working together as design and development teams to get a project built. This session included three lightning talks.

Staying in Sync

Jeremy discusses how you can identify and solve issues that happen between design and development.

Copacetic Collaboration

Philip dives into specifics on how design and development teams can have successful collaboration.

The Ladder of System Thinking

Andrew gives an introduction to using systems thinking that will help you make highly effective deliverables that your stakeholders will appreciate.

Improving Usability (and Inclusivity) Right Now

In our last segment, we dove into the issues surrounding usability and accessibility on your legacy website or app. Just because you’ve developed some bad habits doesn’t mean there’s not still time to change! This session included two lightning talks.

How to Begin Remediating Your Website’s Inaccessibility

Heather discusses how you can diagnose accessibility issues on your legacy site, and she gives you helpful starting points for embracing inclusive solutions.

Auditing What Issues You Have (or Don’t Have)

Merani helps you see where your site is confusing users, and you’ll walk away with a guide for seeing through their eyes and making usable navigation, forms & flows, and content.

Call-In Show

Finally, we wrapped things up with a call-in show, where we listened to challenges and gave our best advice on overcoming them.

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